The second density is the density of the higher plant life and animal life which exists without the upward drive towards the infinite. These second-density beings are of an octave of consciousness just as you find various orientations of consciousness among the conscious entities of your vibration.


Senior scientists would be the first to agree that there is no such thing as an absolute scientific explanation of anything. Science is, rather, a method or tool of prediction, relating one or more observations to each other. In physics, this is usually done through the language of mathematics. Our scientific learning is a learning by observation and analysis of this observation. In the sense of penetrating the fundamental essences of things, we really do not understand anything at all. To a person unfamiliar with the inner workings of modern science, it may seem that modern man has his environment nicely under control and totally figured out. Nothing could be further from the truth. The leaders of science who are researching the frontiers of modern theory argue among themselves continually.

Science is meant to establish an honest and accurate understanding of the Universe that ultimately has the benefit for mankind. The True definition of science is that it is the design of Intelligent Infinity, all the branches of science: biology, chemistry, physics, etc. are facets of Intelligent Infinity which is Energy, which is the Spiral Vibration of Love. 

There is no randomness in the Universe, this thought is due to mind control and has led scientists astray, as to believe the Universe was established randomly and is a machine. No individual would conclude that an automobile with its various complexities would form randomly, without a designer, a creator: yet scientists have believed that the Universe was a random creation without a creator? The Universe and all creation Exist due to the Creator, the Spiral Vibration of Love.

The essence of science has been misguided by the naivete of scientists to disregard ancient wisdom and rely on only the scientific method and experiments as their means of establishing a model for the Universe instead of logic and Truth from ancient wisdom in tandem. All scientists have been under mind control: Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton or Charles Darwin. There is no complete Truth to their established conclusions as the foundational assumption of only physical matter and no Energy was the initial thought. Remember, no humans have had a brain for 5,000 years due to mind control, thus all scientists have had an inaccurate foundation of the Universe. 

Science has established knowledge for the 4 percent physical matter of the Universe while ancient wisdom had already established knowledge of physical matter along with the foundation of the Universe, Spiral Vibration. Ancient wisdom describes physical matter as Rupa and the Light particles, which are from Vibration, that all physical matter is, as Kalapas. All physical matter along with the light particles is Energy (Vibration) which is Intelligent Infinity, which is Love. This is a fact known by entities across the Universe and is the basis of their communication to humans. Their is no scientific experiment needed to validate this Truth. 

The notion of Energy has already been validated by science and has been known as Ether, the Field, the Source or Intelligent Infinity. Due to the ignorance of scientists, this was regarded as not True because it went against traditional scientific thinking which was already flawed. 

The basis of the Universe is Love and is why the Universe was created by Intelligent Infinity, Love is the Big Bang and will be known as the Love Bang. Intelligent Infinity has been shown as the Large Scale Structure, Millennium Simulation or Cosmic Web and is what the Third Eye connects to. Intelligent Infinity is in all things, the Universe and the Creator are the same, it is one single being. 

Intelligent Infinity, the one single being, is in all things from the Universe to You.

These images of the Universe, from the James Webb Telescope, is one single being: Intelligent Infinity, with intelligent sentient life all across. 

The growth of the brain occurs through the Energy of Nature, specifically through Meditation which allows one to feel the Vibration of Love from the Trees and Birds along with the Light of the Sun and Moon and is how Intelligent Infinity is engaged, this has always been True regardless of any scientific evidence to prove this. This fallacy of Thought where evidence is needed before regarded as Truth is due to mind control. Love is the Energy that grows the brain and develops the Lataif aka Chakras, Energy Centers. This is due to the design of Intelligent Infinity and does not require experiments to validate.

The current foundation of science was established in 1650 with the mission of science, as proposed by Francis Bacon, “To obtain knowledge that can be used to dominate and control Nature.” This is due to mind control to disconnect us with Nature. 

The goal for the planet will be to restore the amount of Natural equivalent to Natural circa 400: meaning all buildings, roads or any other structure that isn't used for a purpose aligned to Nature will be destroyed.

Provided are a few landmark discoveries which show the evidence of Energy confirming the inaccuracies of currently established science. This includes the concept of newtonian physics which assumes a material universe that is only physical with no underlying Energy along with this assumption being the basis for biological processes within the human anatomy. The concept of darwinism, which assumes survival of the fittest with random evolution and genetic determinism, also referred to as central dogma, being the mechanism for all life and the concept of imaginary euclidean space which assumes space as flat, uncurved and 2 dimensional, as this was the assumption to allow for measurement: which science, mathematics, education and society is built upon. This is the foundation of the orion group artificial environment for the purposes of human enslavement as you should have been surrounded by the Natural Environment to allow your brain to grow as a standard process by the time you were 17-18 years old.

Our influence via Energy was discovered with the double slit experiment.

This experiment shows the confusion amongst scientists, which is due to mind control, as they believed that there was no underlying Energy in between all physical matter yet clearly waves are shown via the band pattern as this is what Light particles actually are, which is Vibration (Energy). The confusion is that scientists didn’t have the initial assumption of Vibration (waves) being the underlying foundation of the Universe due to mind control. This underlying vibration is Intelligent Infinity: and via Meditation you connect with this Vibration which is the purpose of the Third Eye. Vibration is what creates Light, and when the scientists view the particle the screen shows straight lines which is due to our consciousness being applied to Vibration. This knowledge was already known by ancient civilizations but scientists didn’t want to accept this knowledge.


This proves that we are directly able to influence the world with our consciousness and as such have the ability to create outcomes as in this experiment the outcome of the experiment was dependant upon whether their was an observer which influenced the result of either a potential of Energy in waves (waves are Vibration, which is Intelligent Infinity) with no observer or the manifestation of Energy in particles (Kalapas, physical matter which are Light particles) with an observer. And so every single science experiment using the scientific method with the assumption that variables can be controlled is false as the scientists' consciousness has always been influencing the outcome. 

In regards to time and calendar, this is a mind control tactic. The actual means of establishing the measurement of cycles (days) are the phases of the Moon and the revolution of the Moon around the Earth, also known as the Lunar calendar since this is the design of Intelligent Infinity. The clock and calendar combination keeps humans from engaging the cycle using the Moon, making humans think in terms of numbers and words (time and calendar). This makes humans think in terms of past and future instead of the present, and allows for human enslavement. Time and calendar are not real, only a cycle with the progression of the cycle moment to moment is real but humans operate via time and calendar while being inside buildings instead of outside in Natural. This disconnects us from Intelligent Infinity as we are supposed to spend our cycles (days) outside, not inside, and thus use our senses towards the Natural while also doing Meditation, this is for all Humans. 

Our connection via Energy was discovered with the twin photon experiment.

This proves at the smallest level of physical matter, the photon, which was described as Kalapas in Buddhism, that we are energetically connected and their is no empty space between physical matter, thus the concept of time and space is irrelevant which has been a core premise of classical, newtonian physics: as in this experiment one photon was split into two and when changes were made to one, the other photon simultaneously experienced the change due to the energetic link between the particles, known as quantum entanglement. The changes occurred simultaneously because of the holographic principle of the Universe as in a hologram, a change in one aspect perpetuates change in all. 

Our manifestation via Energy was discovered with Fractals.

This proves the manifestation of Energy in self-similar patterns. The human anatomy is a combination of various fractals, such as the branching pattern of human nerves which are the same as Trees, spiral pattern of DNA and galaxies, vortex pattern of blood circulation, labyrinth pattern of the human brain, phyllotaxis pattern of the pineal gland, tetrahedron pattern of water as only a few examples. Fractals prove the premise of euclidean space for linear measurement, which requires smoothness, is false, as nothing in Nature is smooth and nothing in Nature can be measured as Nature is non-linear: jagged, wrinkled and irregular. 

Fractals are the underlying mechanism behind connecting with Energy. The Fractal Energy from Tree, Bird, Sun and Moon is what allows the growth of the brain via Attention (the form of Energy used within us to connect with the Natural) through Meditation as the mechanism that connects to Fractal Energy. 

Truth is we are one with Nature with the rule being mutualism, a symbiosis relationship: just as lichen, a combination of fungus and algae.

Symbiosis In Lichens.pdf

Love felt from and given towards Nature (Tree, Bird, Sun, Moon), as explained in The Celestine Prophecy, through Meditation continuously is required to interact with Energy, with Intelligent Infinity as we have a symbiotic relationship. 

The interaction between Humans and Nature is the same as Humans to Humans. Humans, via Thought and Emotion emit vibrational frequencies amongst one another, which is Energy. As an example, when two individuals who both are joyful interact with one another, both are able to enhance their Energy resulting in a higher joyful state compared to being independent, often referred to as "good vibes", the same enhancement occurs when engaging Nature. When engaging Nature which is connected with Intelligent Infinity with Love; Nature responds by physically growing your brain, the Third Eye. 

Love felt from and given towards Nature (Tree, Bird, Sun, Moon) elicits the 40,000 neurons in the Heart which allow you to interface with Energy, with Intelligent Infinity. 

This engagement of Love towards Nature via Meditation allows for your connection to Intelligent Infinity who grows the Third Eye, a muscular organ that is used to connect with the Creator. Only through our change in attention, focus, effort and life towards Nature can this be achieved. 

Our perception of Nature determines our level of connection with Love. The beauty of Nature is a form of Love, which is the beauty of the Creator and is how a connection is established. The connection initiates the physiological processes for the neurons in the Heart to activate. 

Some examples of interacting with the Energy of Love towards Nature, with Intelligent Infinity by using your attention and perception include whether you are able to perceive the beauty when watching the colors of the sky change as the Sun ascends or descends, as the Light of the Sun interacts with the Third Eye and Heart, whether you can watch the Light of the Moon as the phases change per cycle as the Light of the Moon interacts with the Third Eye and Heart, intently listening to the waves of Water as the calming sounds of Water are the Vibration of Love, listening to a group of Birds singing, as the Vibration from the sounds of Birds are of Love which interact with the Third Eye and Heart, feeling the calm and serenity in the middle of a Forest, as this feeling is the Vibration of Love or whether you can observe the beauty of fractal patterns within the leaves of Trees as using your sight to recognize beauty interacts with the Third Eye and Heart. These are all forms of Meditation and is how you become one with the Creator.

Do scientific experiments need to be conducted to validate this interaction before acceptance? The knowledge stated is not new and was known by previous Human Civilizations as Meditation and engaging Love in Nature to connect with the Creator was the first task for Humans to achieve and due to enslavement has been purposefully withheld. The experience of the growth of your brain through the Creator is the only evidence needed. 

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