All content and presentation at is remembrance of and from Ahura via Prana through Agape creating Rten Brel which is Kalapas because Maktub: Inshallah. Celestine Path is a new, unique, multi-disciplinary Energy methodology composed of education, consultation, training and supramundane experience aligned with the 7 Factors Of Enlightenment, The Seven Valleys and The Law Of One. EDUCATION Sixth Mass Extinction Voices of The Confederation The Law of One 7 Factors Of Enlightenment Nothing Is Solid And Everything is Energy An Awakening Regrets of Life The Seven Valleys Hidden Origins The Genesis Race The Gnostic World View: A Brief Summary of Gnosticism Gnosis: A Philosophical Psychology Concerning the Emergence of Individuated Holistic Intelligence About Zen Buddhism Ascent of Humanity Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds The Creation of The Universe, The False Reality, The Divine Spark Another World Terra The Celestine Prophecy Biology of Belief Inner Evolution The Hidden Nature of Nature Water Codes Becoming Supernatural Rewired Missing Links E-Motion Blueprint Decoded Wheels of Life The Alchemist Your Brain On Nature CONSULTATION Consultation will allow one to fully grasp the profound implications of Energy to life and focus on three aspects. First, personalized consultation will be aligned to life circumstances to ensure immediate impact. Second, continuous review of education will strengthen understanding due to the relationship between content. Third, discussion on supramundane experience and synchronicity will provide you example. TRAINING Ultimately, applying the principles of Energy into your daily life with attention, focus, effort and time is the only way to integrate this knowledge into your persona. Celestine Path expedites training by leveraging modalities that enhance engagement with Energy: Celestine Nature Zen and Improvisation. Celestine Nature Zen As attention, focus, time and effort towards Nature is required to understand, develop and integrate Energy. Celestine Nature Zen is the meditative component to engage Energy and develops the state of mind required by being enraptured in the surrounding beauty of Nature, the greater your Agape for Nature, the greater your connection with Energy. To live in the present moment, to live in the present action is the main tenet of Zen. Nature allows a means to be present as the beauty will capture your senses. In Buddhism, the concept of Meditation means to become familiar with, in this case, we are re-familiarizing ourselves with Nature and the symbiotic relationship we have as our sacred connection has atrophied due to the societal matrix. Improvisation As our current life is based on prediction, this has hampered our ability to be spontaneous, joyful and authentic. Improv allows one to reconnect with their inner child as this child was naturally engaging Energy. This training allows for the healing of numerous emotional and psychological issues that may have occured through experiences in life. The training is in partnership with Second City or Bad Dog Theatre. SUPRAMUNDANE EXPERIENCE The question of belief arises when there is no seeing - seeing in every sense of the word. The moment you see, the question of belief disappears. If I tell you that I have a gem hidden in the folded palm of my hand, the question of belief arises because you do not see it yourself. But if I unclench my fist and show you the gem, then you see it for yourself, and the question of belief does not arise. So the phrase in ancient Buddhist texts reads: 'Realizing, as one sees a gem in the palm'. You may not believe in Energy the same way you don't see the gem when the palm is clenched. I am inviting you to 'come and see', but not come and believe. Experience is Belief from Truth. Truth is Energy. Energy is Love. Energy is not a result of the Celestine Path. You may get to the Mountain along a path, but the Mountain is not the result, not an effect of the path, the MOUNTAIN IS. You may see Light, but the Light is not the result of your eyesight, the LIGHT IS. ENERGY IS. LOVE IS. The only thing you can do is experience it, realize it.