Since the day we are born, we are surrounded by man made creations which continues throughout the rest of our life and is a mechanism used to keep control by hijacking our senses. We are born in a hospital which is the first man creation where our senses are exposed to and instead of making us aware of the beauty of Earth we begin the societal matrix domestication process of going through life in further man made creations; educational institutions, houses, movie theaters, malls, business complexes, metropolitan buildings, ad infinitum. Since our senses are never truly exposed to Nature we are physically incapable of being aware of Energy. As Nature is required to understand, develop and integrate Energy; Celestine Retreat is a means to reverse the matrix paradigm and allows you to be surrounded with the Energy of Nature and will expedite the process as our matrix auto-pilot lives make it difficult to fully dedicate ourselves. Being exposed to Nature while learning the Celestine Path is the combination that will ensure a natural adoption of Energy.